New identity for DTC Brand Bloon.

Bloon is the young French DTC brand that sells an innovative range of stylish seats for the home and office. Since “sitting is the new smoking” according to US medical research, the founders came up with a very smart innovation: a sitting ball chair. The round shape enables anyone to sit in motion, which is excellent for the back. With the rise of remote work, the Bloon seat is the perfect 2-in-1 solution for the home office as it looks good and makes you feel good!

The challenge for our agency was to create the right brand strategy and identity bridging two worlds: the world of interior design and the world of well-being. To connect them successfully, we recommended to our client to adopt a brand platform, outlining in clear and simple terms, what the brand should claim and why. Successful DTC operators understand that DTC is not a business model, but a channel implying editorial activity.

So, we came up with the overarching concept of Flow – the idea of energy circulating in the body, strengthening the back, and stimulating the mind. Then the brand platform we crafted articulated the promise of Flow with ten strong arguments in order to inspire the brand editorial content across all (social) media.

In the new logo we designed, you can feel the circulation of energy among the letters as they are all interconnected. The font is both round and sharp, clean and cool, in black and white with no frills. Its simplicity and beauty allow for scaling the logo according to applications: when enlarged, the sign becomes the object – a well-designed one.

The overall digital identity and lay-out brings ‘organic’ shapes without sharp angles while the gradient background colors create a sense of energy.

To illustrate the concept of flow and the circulation of energy in more visible terms, we created a graphic device around the body, echoing the color of the seat.

When delivered to the customer, the packaging reveals the brand character and starts the conversation in a friendly, yet engaging tone.
Yes, the sitting revolution starts at home!