Why Naming?

To make your name(s) your first brand asset. Naming is a trade-off between functional and emotional meaning, short-term understanding and long-term equity.

Discover our short take-away expertise with this 2mn video.

Naming architecture structures any Brand portfolio, either product or service led, BtB or BtC. It brings clarity, hierarchy and coherence. The age of overwhelming sub-branding is over for all industries and the majority of naming architecture is now streamlined and simplified.

Our expertise is two-fold:

Evaluating existing naming (architecture), recommending and optimizing

Creating new names before a design process begins

Examples of name creations  : Perle de Lait, Lindt Nuxor, Kabuto, Michelin Quality in Action, Manufacture Française, Monoprix Homme, Sesame (SEB), Anatomy, Minim, Chefs Canteen, Splendor Solis.

Dior, LVMH, Michelin, The Body Shop, Lindt, Yoplait, Monoprix, SEB group & startups have benefited from this expertise. Discover our best-of-class case study Perle de Lait for Yoplait.

The power of name

A pumpkin…

Double Douceur, a dairy specialty from Yoplait and a competitor of Fjord and Gervita, is threatened with retail de-indexing following poor sales. After several unsuccessful attempts, Yoplait decides to reset its brand.

… turn into a carriage

With extraordinary consumer acceptance of the product, it is clear that the problem – and the solution- lies in the Brand. Thanks to insights that describe the product as “a skin care cream”, “silk”, we rename and reposition Double Douceur in… Perle de Lait by appropriating the codes of care, femininity and naturalness – naturalness in phase with the umbrella brand Yoplait.

A breathtaking result

Sales doubled in 1 year. Perle de Lait has become the leader in its category and is now an international star franchise in the Yoplait range.