Naming and naming architecture have never been so important to refocus and grow business.

Naming is a trade-off between functional and emotional meaning, short-term understanding and long-term equity. Emotion wise, a kind of new name generation has recently flourished, introducing wit and intrigue (The Ordinary, Hims, Off-White…) and successfully initiating Brand stories in non-conventional ways.

Naming architecture structures any Brand portfolio, either product or service led, BtB or BtC. It brings clarity, hierarchy and coherence. The age of overwhelming sub-branding is over for all industries and the majority of naming architecture is now streamlined and simplified.

Our expertise is two-fold:

  • evaluating existing naming (architecture), recommending and optimizing
  • creating new names before a design process begins

Examples of name creations  : Perle de Lait, Kabuto, Lindt Nuxor, Anatomy, Minim, Chefs Canteen, Splendor Solis.

Dior, LVMH, Michelin, The Body Shop, Lindt, Yoplait, Monoprix, SEB group & start-ups have benefited from this expertise.