How to transform a private label into the retailer’s spearhead?

A missed opportunity

The French retailer did not build on the private labels’ promising success. With the exception of Monoprix Gourmet, the retailer’s top tier, neither Monoprix’s ‘value for money’ proposition nor its specific identity were perceived. The goal was to bring the core Monoprix private label back in the race to recruit and retain customers.

The everyday brand

How to embody in a guideline the brand promise to reenchant everyday life? How to meet the emergent consumer needs for quality, health, and naturalness? With what brand architecture and which segmentation rules? To answer these questions we conducted the Deep Insights research program.

Revealing and claiming the Monoprix DNA

The research program revealed the brand’s unique core assets and measured the consumer’s need/gap to make a successful change. Monoprix had to re-claim its creativity with products of “beautiful” quality and tell their story, one by one.

“They should put news banners on all their food products.”