The N°1 Tyre company in the world desires to position the customer at the heart of the business. To make Michelin a customer-centric company, Quality has a role to play.

The company, setting up the Quality revolution from zero default to 100% customer satisfaction, needed a powerful motto and a flag to lead the internal teams all around the world. The Q monogram is a striking signal rooted in Michelin know-how to communicate the key company engagements. Q for Quality In Action, the motto we designed to give a new face and ambition to the Quality Policy.

michelin logo blue yellow black bubendum mascot
logo michelin turbo q blue circuit lap symmetry
quality logo turbo blue black michelin Q
michelin blue blakc yellow quality in action logo dynamic
Michelin black blue yellow logo quality in action dynamic shape turbo value sustainability easiness trust
michelin pillars value easiness sustainability trust blue orange green pink
michelin quality in action colors blue yellow green magenta orange blue