How to guide the growth of a global brand?

A recipe for success

Lindt is highly successful worldwide thanks to the excellence of its chocolate and the diversity of its recipes (Excellence, Lindor, Gold Bunny…). The Brand has a distinctive and coherent identity thanks to the Maîtres Chocolatiers, magicians and guardians of the original recipes.

To keep the flame alive

To protect and maintain this powerful identity, Lindt asked us to write their new brand platform for the key franchises. We created the first Lindt Brand Guide following our Deep Insights program, working hand in hand with Lindt’s international management, CEO, and local teams.

A “Bible” for the Brand

This “Bible” verbally and visually formulates the promise of the Brand. It works as the foundation for Lindt in inspiring all the communication. It provides every manager with a strategic tool to nurture the Brand’s international success.