La Planete Des Signes


Des singes au signes– – From apes to signs
La Planète des Signes (Planet of the Signs) is a French play on words as signe is the anagram of singe (ape).
According to Peter Wollen, our immediate environment has become increasingly dominated by signs, rather than natural objects, and the realm of signs becomes a primary reality rather than simply a second nature.
In this journal we will reveal the meaning of residual, dominant and emergent signs, decoding their power and influence in our modern lives.

#1 Camouflage style

This military pattern is everywhere and raises the question, why? Do stylists and designers signify we now live in war? Or in urban jungles? If this were the case, the camouflage pattern would not fit its purpose in town, as it does not hide but on the contrary draws attention….
The secret meaning lies into the origin of this style. Louis Guingot, the inventor, was not a soldier but a painter affected by the disaster of the First World War. He decided to design a pattern to make soldiers less visible. Inspired by the chameleon and by impressionist painters, he replicated on a canvass the abstract colours and shapes of nature in order to hide the soldiers and better protect their lives.
In a typical fashion reversal, what first helped to hide is now a hit.