Inspiring the future of a legendary luxury brand.

In search of the brand equity

A new CEO has been appointed at Dior Parfums who seeks a better understanding of the « Diorness », the Dior brand equity, prior to the launch of the new fragrance J’Adore.

The successful Dior Codes

Our Deep Insights research program has revealed Dior codes for defining what makes a product Dior or not Dior and identified the common denominator to all brand successes in the context of international competition.

To be or not to be Dior

On the eve of the launch of J’Adore, the research certifies that the fragrance is fully Dior. Business results quickly confirm that building on the brand DNA was the best way to get a robust return on investment. The study made it possible to enrich the Brand Platform for the fragrance and skincare categories and to strenghten the Brand Expression codes.