How to rejuvenate the tableware leader?

Changing habits

Who still wants a cutlery set on their wedding list? Who is getting married anyway? Today, private lunches and dinners are much less formal than they used to be, and snacking is on the rise in every country. Given this context, is the company strategy focused on “all tableware, nothing but tableware” still relevant? Should the brand morph into jewelry? How to rejuvenate the core business?

Make silverware shine again

We conducted our Deep Insights research program to evaluate Christofle’s image, crack its DNA, the brand’s success code and project the brand into the future. Our recommendation was a revamping based on:
1) Silver Jewelry
2) A focus on the style that made Christofle successful
3) New designs for the cutlery sets
4) Thematic merchandising to spur desire
5) A new brand platform

Inspire the future

The global project covering products, design, store merchandising and communication provided the Board with a clear and successful direction.