What brand platform for the Casino retailer?

A new promise

As a pioneer in the sale of private label food products, Casino wanted to highlight its added value and differentiate itself from competitors, especially Carrefour and Lidl, through the creation of a new value proposition that could be applied to all its private labels.

The ‘good taste’ brand

We conducted the Deep Insights research program to understand what makes Casino so special among its customers and explore how their food private label should be positioned and redesigned to gain momentum.

Revealing the Casino DNA

The research program revealed that Casino was perceived as a quality retail brand elevating the consumer/shopper experience far from the excess of mass consumption. The ‘good taste’ was the perfect brand promise for the French retailer. The strategy was visually translated on packaging through 2 key principles: each product should retain its own personality; quality should be expressed through beauty as You Taste What You See.