How to put the icon of natural cosmetics back on the tracks?

An endangered species

At the turn of the 21st Century, the icon that revolutionized the cosmetics industry through its ethical practices and natural products ran out of steam. The Brand was being copied and frantic efforts aimed at innovation did not bring new customers but instead disappointed loyal ones, whose favorite products were being replaced by unconvincing novelties.

“We tried to do too much, too fast, not respecting our brand heritage. It would have been better to have a small number of big ideas than a big number of small ideas.”

Deep Insights

The Deep Insights research program run in the US, Europe and Japan revealed the brand had lost its way and diluted its pioneer spirit. It was time for The Body Shop to go back to its roots while refreshing its value proposition in terms of products, communication, merchandising, store design and consumer experience.

Back to the roots

With a greater focus on the natural ingredient as a core aspect of the Brand, a simplification of packaging to promote content vs container as well as more informative, sensory, and inspiring stores: sales rose by 10% and profits by 20%. The company was sold to L’Oréal for €950 million with good growth prospects.